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This school year, I’ve been fortunate to be involved with Innovations for Learning to support literacy in the Boston Public School System.  I’m a literacy tutor for a first grade student in the Joseph Tynan School in South Boston.  My student’s name is Xavier W., and we work together weekly for 30-minutes through TutorMate.  We had a meet-and-greet in the Fall after working together for several weeks  We met in Ms. Moore’s First Grade Classroom.  We have an end-of-year event planned for May, too.

TutorMate provides a variety of literacy aids rated for students including Visual Stories, Tic Tac Toe, Word Sort, Flashcard, Mystery Word and Whiteboard.  Each aid is filtered by a student’s proficiency: Proficiency is set by the tutor with feedback from the classroom teacher.  We tutors supplement the classroom teacher.

Xavier and I get to chat about what’s been going on between our tutoring sessions, and we’ve developed a healthy rapport, too.  What we read and work with each week is up to Xavier, and I always check in to confirm that what we’re doing is run, too.

Innovations for Learning is setting up tutors in cities around the country.  I encourage you to get involved.  How often to we get immediate feedback (and gratification) for our actions to facilitate learning and personal growth?

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Greg is an Enterprise Agile Coach who has helped organizations plan and deliver innovative products and solutions for more than 20 years. Greg lives and works in the Greater Boston Area.
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