Who’s Talking

The Agile Conversation is curated by Greg Tutunjian.  I’m a Lean-Agile Coach and Servant-leader who has helped organizations plan and deliver innovative products and solutions for more than 20 years.  My Lean and Agile experience extends from Angel-funded startups, publicly and privately owned technology companies and Fortune 100 multinationals.

Why I’m Talking

My software engineering experience combined with my in-the-trenches technical delivery ownership experience gives me the perspective to guide teams and leaders to harness Lean and Agile as the competitive edge it was intended to be. This makes me uniquely qualified to help others transform their existing world to a Lean-Agile world. I’m committed to identifying and facilitating adaptive transformation (versus prescriptive transformation) of your planning, development, delivery and sustainability practices so that you teams deliver innovative solutions and products while continuing to improve their skills and enjoy the overall experience.

I’ve been fortunate to have formed and led teams in organizations of all sizes and under a variety of challenging conditions.  One thing I’ve discovered is that teams require persistent attention (not intervention) and that non-invasive coaching, mentoring and training will bring out the best in people in all areas of an organization.

What I See

I often discover that organizations have developed own lifecycle and use a combination of legacy bridges to connect their teams and support organizations. Everything works, but the overall process is brittle, manually intensive, and when the wind blows hard (and a critical release is pending) serious concern appears throughout the organization and risks are more prevalent than rewards.  We don’t have to work this way.

Iteration after Iteration, and release after release, many organizations are forced to invest more time into Getting to Done and as a result have significantly less time for innovation, high-priority features and lifecycle optimizations.  They are constantly operating in the caution zone (working extra hours and deferring critical technical debt remediation) and end up in the breakdown lane.  Employee satisfaction often bottoms out, and management is suddenly in a spotlight for the wrong reasons.

Where We Start

With careful attention to people, process and culture, I help foster micro transitions from seemingly intractable and often debilitating practices and mindsets that have adversely impacted effective product and solution delivery.  Even in the Age of Agile, these are common conditions throughout all industries.  It takes an experienced professional to assess culture and process (not a dirty word) and recommend transitions in the form of coaching, mentoring and training at one or more levels of an organization.

These recommendations take the form of a organizational journey map including assessment and reflection checkpoints throughout the experience.  Together, we build a stable and predicable model for how the organization can best organize, operate and optimize.

While we’re working we’re discovering unknowns, remediating obstacles and learning as we go.  Through these experiences, we develop a much more resilient and sustainable culture that is more closely aligned with mission and values.  Instead of operating asynchronously and in crisis mode around release dates and key demonstrations, we’ve developed the confidence and capability to deliver on our commitments.

Where We Finish

The end result is a high-energy and higher performing organization that seeks challenging opportunities to deliver value.  This form organization is capable of inspecting itself, identifying opportunities for continuous improvement and executing its own improvement plans effectively.

This isn’t an overnight transition, but it’s accessible to any organization willing to make a sustained commitment to professional coaching and progressive, sustainable change.

How It Feels

Forward-thinking professionals, teams and organizations engage coaches to assess their current state and develop an effective partnership to help them transition off their current plateau and emerge as a higher performing, sustainable delivery organization.

Clients literally feel like they’re emerging from a cocoon, transition to new levels of achievement and confidence and make note of a discernible new energy level.  There’s no one template, road map or workshop capable of instituting this type of evolutionary change.  Skilled professionals with prerequisite experience, insight and wisdom possess the ability to guide and foster this type of change.