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Current Reading

Why It Pays to Break The Rules in Work and in Life (Francesca Gino)

1. Napoleon and the Hoodie: The Paradox of Rebel Status
2. The Dog Named “Hot”: A Talent for Novelty
3. The Vanishing Elephant: A Talent for Curiosity
4. The Hudson Is A Runway: A Talent for Perspective
5. Uncomfortable Truths: A Talent for Diversity
6. Coach Cheeks Sings The National Anthem: A Talent for Authenticity
7. The Secret of Story: The Transformative Power of Engagement
8. Becoming A Rebel Leader: Blackbeard, “Flatness,” and the 8 Principles of Rebel Leadership

How We Meet and Why It Matters (Priya Parker)

1. Decide why you’re really gathering
2. Close doors
3. Don’t be a chill host
4. Create a temporary alternative world
5. Never start a funeral with logistics
6. Keep your best self out of my gathering
7. Cause good controversy
8. Accept that there is an end


Current Viewing

Entrepreneuring Meaning (Sonja Blignaut)

  • All human beings are storytellers and story makers. Unconsciously we are building and interpreting life through stories.
  • Sonja Blignaut has been working in the fields of narrative and complexity for over 12 years.
  • She is the founder of a niche consultancy that solves complex intractable problems through sense-making and narrative approaches.
  • This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.
  • Per Sonja, when presented with an idea that is presented as a fact, ask yourself 3 questions: Where does it come from? (Most of these ideas are man-made and not immutable truths) | Who does it serve? | What is its influence?