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This school year, I’ve been fortunate to be involved with Innovations for Learning to support literacy in the Boston Public School System.  I’m a literacy tutor for a first grade student in the Joseph Tynan School in South Boston.  My student’s name is Xavier W., and we work together weekly for 30-minutes through TutorMate.  We had a meet-and-greet in the Fall after working together for several weeks  We met in Ms. Moore’s First Grade Classroom.  We have an end-of-year event planned for May, too.

TutorMate provides a variety of literacy aids rated for students including Visual Stories, Tic Tac Toe, Word Sort, Flashcard, Mystery Word and Whiteboard.  Each aid is filtered by a student’s proficiency: Proficiency is set by the tutor with feedback from the classroom teacher.  We tutors supplement the classroom teacher.

Xavier and I get to chat about what’s been going on between our tutoring sessions, and we’ve developed a healthy rapport, too.  What we read and work with each week is up to Xavier, and I always check in to confirm that what we’re doing is run, too.

Innovations for Learning is setting up tutors in cities around the country.  I encourage you to get involved.  How often to we get immediate feedback (and gratification) for our actions to facilitate learning and personal growth?

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