Seeker’s Kitchen Gathering, September 27-29, 2019 (Littleton, Colorado)

Who Are We?

We’re an informal group of servant-leadership practitioners: Some of us teach leadership in advanced degree programs, some of us are leadership coaches, one of us is the world’s foremost expert on Robert Greenleaf, and one of us is an Agile Coach.  What we all have in common is a commitment to discovering ways to incorporate Robert Greenleaf’s work (and inspired work) into our daily lives, both personal and professional.  What we also have in common: We’ve never met all met in person.  We’re remedying this condition this coming weekend in and around Littleton, Colorado.  I feel very fortunate to have been introduced and welcomed to this group almost two years ago.  We meet online monthly (or close to that cadence) via Zoom including a rotating host, agenda and homework.  These are amongst the most interesting and impactful discussions I get to participate in.  The informal name for this gathering is The Colorado Roundup!


What Do We Have Planned?

We have a plan…but like each of our calls, this is only a guide and a hint, really.  We often vary off topic into more interesting areas.  Here’s our initial plan for the main discussion.  Each of us has up to one hour:

            • Don:  The light and shadow of religion
            • Isabel: Medicine wheel activity
            • Phil: The gift of relationships
            • Jeff: Healing
            • Greg:  The journey from there to here
            • Rebecca: Poetry and the Inner Landscape




What Do We Plan to Learn?

  • More about each other
  • How effectively we share stories
  • Where we have common ground
  • Where we have broken new ground
  • …more, I’m certain





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Greg Tutunjian

Greg Tutunjian is a leadership and performance coach specializing in team-centric innovation. Greg is a former software and systems engineer, technical program manager and director, and now advisor to organizations ranging from small and medium-sized software product and service companies to Fortune 10 multinationals.